Scentflix: “If you like this then you might like…”

Cross-category recommendations don’t work for fragrances. What you need is a fragrance specific recommendation engine. And that’s Scentflix.

Better Sales

Upto 35% of your sales can come from this recommendation engine.

New Revenue Stream

An Ad recommendation engine allows your suppliers to advertise to consumers based on their preferences

Better Category Understanding

By understanding shoppers purchases and interactions, we are able to look inwardly and provide with uncomparable insights into your shoppers’ psychographics, tastes and consumption

Data: Unlocked

The data we can help you get answers the the questions you’ve always had but couldn’t answer with certainty:

  • What is the taste preferences of your different shoppers in different brands?

  • What are my consumer psychographics?

  • How do I predict consumption and automate direct marketing based on that?

  • How do I market to consumers based on their individualized tastes?

  • How can I best optimize my assortment?

  • What should we launch next?

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