The Future of Fragrance Retail

The Future of Fragrance Retail is here.

Our purpose is to bring customer-centricity & disruptive technology to address all the challenges of fragrance retail today
— Aboudy, AURA Lab Co-founder

End the painful cycle.

Enter AURA Lab Scentech©

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How does AURA Lab Scentech© work?

The future of retail is moving away from the ‘transaction’ towards the ‘experience’ -
Bringing the online world to the offline shop.


Propelling retail into the future using a new approach:

  • Customer User Interface: an authentic feeling engagement that adds novelty & humour to delight your customer

  • Artificial Intelligence: the latest technology democratizes perfume information to your shoppers & salespeople

  • Psychographics: using the latest psychographics and shopper taste allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns

  • Personalisation: Go from dissatisfied shoppers to loyal shoppers - one experience at a time.



I think I have a winner - this is me!
— Saeed, 34
Very nice, very sweet - this fits my personality.
— Ana, 32
I love this. It’s unique and mysterious.
— Asim, 37


Build a competitive advantage for your brand or portfolio that will drive sales and loyalty through:

  • Distinguished Customer Experience: Offer through your portfolio a customer experience that will set you apart from competition

  • Real-time psychographics: Build shopper databases with direct access to shopper habits, preferences, tastes & purchases

  • Analytics & Customer insights: Use realtime data & psychographics to develop direct marketing campaigns, personalised to each shopper


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