AI & the sense of smell

An AI perfumer is born

Perfumers are a unique species. For the outside world they are magicians, tinkering with the invisible. To create one, we had to replicate what his mind does. Forged in the depth of AURA’s Lab, Scentech emerged. An AI with the ability to connect emotions and words to odiferous molecules.


The AI perfumer becomes all-knowing

Breaking free from human limitation of memory and recall, Scentech was made to have perfect knowledge. He & only he can know every one of the hundreds of variables that compose each of the tens of thousands of perfumes that we taught it. With knowledge from global and cultural tastes, to the components of each of the 6000 odiferous molecules.


The AI perfumer learnt from millions of consumer data

With these super-powers Scentech© was released to the public, learning faster than any human being can. With millions of interactions, he now is the all-knowing, no mistake making, ever charming perfumer that can recommend to any human being a scent that fits them as though it was tailored to their personality.


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