Retail of the future: Now


Only 75% of your customers that walk in to your shop to buy, find what they want. AURA LAB can help you take that to 95%.

With the assistance of a beauty advisor or not, our retail technology can set you apart from competition. A better shopping experience leads to repeat business.

The experience: Nothing like it

Retail is an experience. Retail technology turns your shop from transaction-based, to experience-based. AURA LAB gives you an authentic engagement that adds novelty to your shop.

A shopper that finds their signature fragrance goes from switcher to loyal customer. Save your BC training expenses and use them elsewhere because BAs now have ALL the possible content on each fragrance to story-tell and persuade the shopper.

The Data: Improving your business

The consumer data collected through the experience can help your business in innumerable ways. Know who your consumers are, their personalities and their tastes.

Based on consumers preferences and buying habits, we can tell you what to carry to maximize your store assortment. The data gathered on the shop floor can help you do better direct marketing, CRM and targeted communications.